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why us

top reasons to stay

Pools & Beach

Our villas have outdoor pools which provide full privacy, in close proximity of a breathtaking beach.

Guaranteed service

Our team of passionate and friendly staff embrace this tradition and combine it with the intuitive

Remarkably uncommon guest experiences

No matter what the season, Montenegro’s diverse and natural beauty landscape is never short of extraordinary experiences.

Sustainably designed

It has been designed to feel like a natural extension of the landscape, including the green roofs on the hotel buildings.


Experience the beauty of karpathos island

Karpathos beaches

Karpathos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean, with crystal-clear
waters and a variety of sand and pebble beaches to choose from. 

Karpathos is famous for its delicious food, with a strong emphasis on fresh, locally sourced

Karpathos Villages

One of the highlights of Karpathos is its charming villages, each with its own distinct
character and beauty.

There are plenty of activities to keep visitors busy on Karpathos, whether it’s swimming and
sunbathing on the beaches, hiking in the mountains, or exploring the island’s historic sites.



High Speed Wifi

Upgrading your bandwidth is easy, and it can be done right from your phone.

Reservations 24/7

With our service you may enjoy the finest life in our resort.

Pick Up & Drop​​

We’ll pick up from airport or port while you comfy on your ride.​

*Available upon request

Car Rental

Why not explore Karpathos island on your own pace*

*Available upon request


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